This may be surprising  at first– cloud computing impacts the environment. How so? Let’s find out.

Cloud computing saves energy

With cloud-based computing, there is less need for physical structures to house the servers of the data centers. The servers need to be up and running 24/7. Needless to say, this is a lot of energy consumed.

With businesses and companies taking advantage of cloud services, the bulk of the infrastructure will be shouldered by the service provider instead of multiple companies having to run dozens of servers at the same time.

Cloud computing lessens the carbon footprint

With less physical infrastructure to worry about, there are less machines needing to be maintained and cooled down. The problem of having excess infrastructure in comparison to what is needed for a particular project will also be eliminated. This is because in the cloud, customers will only be using exactly the resources that they need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Lowered energy consumption, need for maintenance, and overall usage all translate to lower carbon emissions. By dematerializing the infrastructures and bringing them over to the cloud, less physical objects will impact the carbon footprint.

At the same time, cloud services promotes and enables remote work. With everyone capable of accessing projects through the internet, there is less need for employees to travel. This of course decreases the emissions resulting from transportation.

Cloud computing reduces the use of paper

Gone are the days of having to file heavy folders into cabinets. Today, information is pretty much digital. This makes your life easier. The environment can also breathe easier with us humans using way less paper than ever before.

On top of this, the record keeping and organization capabilities of cloud services are topnotch. The added bonus of productivity on top of sustainability is simply undeniable.

Not so fast

Even though the cloud, in general, has a positive impact on the environment, we have to remember that none of the infrastructure powering the cloud services we enjoy will work without consuming energy. The cloud will inevitably take away something from the environment. It is a matter of making sure that the consumption stays non-destructive.

With this, companies should remain active when it comes to making the systems powering the cloud more sustainable. Not because we are in a better place now means that we are already in the best condition we could ever be in.

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