Anthos, Google Cloud’s open application modernization platform, can help you modernize your existing applications, making them more portable, maintainable, scalable and secure. And now, our newest learning specialization, Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos, is live, showing how you can use its technologies to transform your IT environments.

Designed for infrastructure operators, architects, and DevOps professionals, Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos teaches you how to modernize, observe, secure, and manage your applications using Istio-powered service mesh and Kubernetes, whether you’re on-premises, on Google Cloud, or distributed across both. With a mix of lectures and hands-on labs, you’ll learn about compute, networking, service mesh, config management, and their underlying control-planes, so you can begin to understand the full scope of the platform’s capabilities. The training also unpacks the complexities of modern environments, and equips you with the foundational knowledge needed to address challenges such as migrating and scaling among environments hosted in multiple regions and by multiple providers.

This specialization builds on the Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) learning specialization, and assumes that students have extensive hands-on experience with Kubernetes. Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos is delivered as three courses, which are available on demand and in a classroom setting:

  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Foundations with Anthos – This course lays the groundwork for assembling hybrid infrastructure by presenting the Anthos platform architecture including Anthos GKE and Anthos Service Mesh.
  • Hybrid Cloud Service Mesh with Anthos – Gain the practical skills you need to deploy a service mesh to overcome challenges in multi-service application management, operation, and delivery.
  • Hybrid Cloud Multi-Cluster with Anthos – The final course will help you to understand configuration and get hands-on practice to manage a multi-cluster Anthos GKE deployment, including on-premises and in-cloud clusters.

Interested in hearing more? Register today for our webinar, Architecting Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure with Anthos, on Jan 31 at 9:00 am PST to get hands-on Anthos experience and receive a special discount on additional Anthos training.


Mike Truty

This article is republished from Google Cloud blog.

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