Celebrating The Developers Behind The Best Apps And Games Of 2020


Today, we announced Google Play’s annual Best of 2020 awards, highlighting the year’s best apps, games and digital content. None of this would be possible without the developers that created the amazing content that made a profound impact on us in 2020, or should we say a Genshin Impact … From miHoYo Limited to Loona Inc, the makers behind your favorite apps and games were unafraid to experiment, challenge the status quo, and design incredible experiences we never thought possible.

Check out the full rundown of the developers behind the best apps and games of 2020 in the U.S. on Google Play:

Best App of 2020


Best Personal Growth Apps


Best Hidden Gem Apps


Best Everyday Essential Apps


Best Apps for Good


Best Apps for Fun


Best Game of 2020


Best Indie Games


Best Casual Games


Best Innovative Games


Best Competitive Games


By Purnima Kochikar | Director, Business Development, Games & Applications

Source: Android Developers Blog

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