Coding practice is a way to get better at coding. This is done by typing code on a computer and having it work correctly. This process is repeated until the code functions the way it should. Coding practice may be used on any coding platform, such as an IDE or online editor.

Practicing coding helps people with their programming skills and understanding of how code works. Practice also builds confidence in a person’s ability to solve problems by understanding more about programming languages and their syntaxes.

A surprisingly little amount of resources are available for learning how to code, especially free resources. This is unfortunate, because coding is a necessary skill for many people in the workforce. A good way to learn how to code is to find some open-source tutorials on GitHub or YouTube and use them as a guide for what you want to learn.

The best way to practice coding is by writing tests, which help you improve your skills and avoid mistakes with the help of a test framework. Tests are just like puzzles. You have to solve one problem after another, and with each solved problem, you gain experience with the programming language.

This challenge-based approach helps developers understand their misconceptions and improves their skills over time.

If you want to do it on your own, bear in mind that learning has no end point – it’s an endless process of self-improvement. But don’t worry, there are always new ways to improve your skills!

We all know coding is one of the most important skills in the 21st century. It is no wonder that there are so many websites out there where you can go and practice coding for free!

We have compiled a list of 10 of the best websites for practicing coding online.



Coderbyte is a platform for developers to learn, practice, and interview for senior level jobs. Learn from experienced mentors from top tech companies. Practice your skills with challenging coding questions. Get matched to jobs based on your interests and experience level. No more sleepless nights spent job-searching! Coderbyte is a free platform that can help you find a job with just a few clicks!




Codewars is a place to improve your coding skills and learn new ones. From kata and tutorials, to more difficult challenges and practice, they ve got you covered. they believe in teaching you the best practices of the trade, as well as helping you reach your ultimate goal: become a better coder!




Learn to code. Study for programming contests. Get better at coding. Challenge your friends to see who codes the fastest! CodeChef is the most complete site on the web for competitive programming with over 85,000+ practice problems in over 55+ programming languages. Practice with CodeChef’s GitHub-powered problem editor, get your solutions ranked on our leaderboard, and participate in programming contests across the world!






Topcoder is the home of the world’s most talented developers, designers, data scientists, and more. Topcoder members can compete for cash prizes, scout for new talent, or collaborate with other experts to solve some of the world’s toughest problems. Join today to find your perfect match and unleash the power of your whole company!




Exercism is the best way to learn and perfect your programming skills. Practice your new language skills by solving problems, completing challenges, and getting helpful feedback and advice from a global community of programmers. No more boring textbooks and dry tutorials: it’s time to get your hands dirty!




LeetCode is the top platform for learning coding. It is a complete interactive learning platform with 700+ coding interview questions. You can master your skills, uncover your limitations, and master the art of programming with all the features of LeetCode.






Hackerrank is the best way to see how you’d do at a job interview for a coding job. Get your hands dirty and take on challenges that test your problem-solving skills and algorithms knowledge. It’s free and open to anyone, and you can practice as much as you like. You’ll feel confident and ready for your next coding interview with Hackerrank!




If you’re a programmer who wants to improve your skills and have fun while doing so, Codingame is the perfect platform for you! Here, you can solve hundreds of coding challenges, compete with others and work together on coding projects. Become a better programmer and find your dream job with the help of Codingame!




Codesignal is a customizable coding assessment platform to help you find the best candidates for your company. their assessments are designed to assess the skills you need your employees to have, so you can focus on interviewing the right people. they offer take-home assessments in JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, Python, SQL, and more.




Whether you want to create your own game, become a professional developer, or just be the smartest person in your office, SPOJ is the way to go. With over 3000 problems and counting, you will hone your skills in programming niches like math, physics, image processing, and more. Join the over 250k students who are using SPOJ to know what it means to be truly skilled at programming.




We know how difficult it can be to learn to code. You have so many questions and so many obstacles in your way. But Edabit think there should be a better way. Edabit is a coding platform for people who want to learn to code, but don’t know where to start. their interactive challenges allow you to explore coding concepts in bite-sized pieces, while also providing the guidance you need.




When you’re practicing HTML and CSS, you need to work on an actual project, and Codewell provide them for you! With their design templates you can practice your skills and learn new techniques without having to start from scratch. they also have a ton of tutorial videos and courses for you to learn more. Join the Codewell community and improve your skills in no time!


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