Google Cloud Next 2019 | Heavy Industrials

Google Cloud Next 2019 | Defining and Deploying Responsible Technology

Ethics and responsible use are a much-discussed issue that can seem nebulous or difficult to address pragmatically. How can companies approach the responsible use of AI and other emerging technologies? How should you be thinking about responsible and ethical use? What are the challenges and how do we address them? How can we frame ‘ethics’ from an applied perspective? Using Accenture’s Tech Vision 2019 predictions as a starting point, we will discuss how problems of bias, transparency, and explainability can and should be addressed by corporations. Join Deborah Santiago, Managing Director, Digital & Strategic Offerings, Legal and Nisha Sharma, Managing Director, Accenture Google Cloud Business Group as we explore these important questions, and highlight the work Accenture is doing with our clients, governments and regulators across the globe to address the concerns of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.

Speaker(s): Deborah Santiago, Nisha Sharma

Session ID: SPTL206

Citi I/O



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