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Google Cloud Next 2019 | Beyond Your Bill: Getting More Detail On Cost

Cloud services make controlling cost easier than traditional on premises deployments, since every service provides a detailed bill. However, it is also very easy to spend a ton of money without being aware of it, particularly with services that scale automatically. As usage and organizations get larger, it can quickly become hard to understand what is responsible for increasing cost. We need to be able to divide our bill down to individual teams, so they can actually take action on it. In this talk, I’ll discuss how we’ve attempted to solve this problem as Bluecore has scaled over the past three years. We have been able to break down our bill by Bluecore customer and by engineering team by combining Google’s additional data sources, and by instrumenting our application. I’ll discuss how we combine all this data into BigQuery. I’ll also talk about a few of our billing “”disasters””, and how we resolved them. The result is we provide our finance team a per-customer view of our costs, and our engineering teams with their own itemized bill, even for shared services. This has let us sustainably manage our costs as our organization grows.

Speaker(s): Evan Jones

Session ID: CST303

Product:Cloud Billing,App Engine,BigQuery;

Citi I/O



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