Google Cloud Next 2019 | Retail Sessions

Google Cloud Next 2019 | Insight to Action With Deloitte: Driving ROI With Marketing Analytics

Join Deloitte as we discuss the power of Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Marketing Analytics on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Reaching customers at the right point in the purchase funnel at scale based on historical models is a goal of marketers. Improve insights-to-action timeline is the value of using the GCP. In this session, you’ll discover how to deliver faster insights, help drive action, and increase ROI, leveraging the power of Marketing Analytics on GCP and GMP. We will illustrate how a flexible data architecture allows clients to answer very granular business questions.

Speaker(s): Sharon Harris, Matt Mager

Session ID: DA107

Product:Google Marketing Platform,BigQuery;

Citi I/O



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