Google Cloud Next 2019 | Healthcare Sessions

Google Cloud Next 2019 | SCRUM-Japan Genesis; Virtual Sequencing Utilizing Nationwide Cancer Genome Database

Next generation cutting-edge platform on GCP shifting from another Cloud, which will be a monumental win to prove GCP’s values and credibility with huge ripple effect. They are trying to achieve.

・Build a new multi-modality data and AI platform for several cancer subtypes across top medical institutions to provide and leverage all insights – exchange cross disciplinary comprehensive huge dataset including pathology images, cancer genome alterations by next-generation sequencing (NGS) as well as clinical data with high quality in both efficient and secure manner.

・Develop AI algorithms to embody “”virtual sequencing”” with the above training data in identifying/categorizing cancer genome alterations just based on pathology images without running sequencers, which will vastly improve efficiency and speed of treatment tailored for different types of cancer patients.

・Make joint announcement(s) on their achievements, expected benefits and innovations with Google at major conferences like Next SF 2019, as they believe it should be the first case in coming up with such algorithm with quality multi-modality data set from a large cohort (13,000+ patients) especially in the area of colorectal cancer (they are aware of a similar case with lung cancer already published). This project, SCRUM-Japan Genesis (a part of their project announcement here), is owned by NCC East-Japan, and supported by the Government of Japan and top pharmaceutical companies.

Speaker(s): Arie Meir, Takayuki Yoshino

Session ID: MLAI205

Product:Cloud Healthcare,Cloud TPU,AI;

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