Python is not named from the snake but from the British comedy group named Monty Python.


Python was conceived in this year by Guidon van Rossum as a successor to the ABC language.

Also … this was also the year that game Pac-Man was released.


The first version of Python released was 0.9.0.


Version 1.0 was released. It includes functional programming features such as lambda, map, filter and reduce. These features were acquired from the programming language Lisp.

Also… 3 years later, 1997. In the world of AI and games, the Deep Blue chess machine of IBM defeats the then world chess champion Garry Kasparov.


The year where Python 2.0 was released with many new features, including a cycle-detecting garbage collector.

Also… just last year, 1999, the first commercial Bluetooth device was launched.



Python 2.6 released along with a major version Python 3.0.  The guiding principle for 3.0 was “reduce feature duplication by removing old ways of doing things”. One of the notable changes are the way printing string to console have changed.

# Python 2

print “Hello Geek!”

# Python 3

print(“Hello Geek!”)

Also… in the same year, USB 3.0 was designed.


Python 2.7 and Python 3.1 was released. This will be the last major release for Python 2, which will be supported until 2020. Developers and users are encouraged to move to Python 3.

The rise of the mobile apps give birth to the Android Cupcake in this year.


The latest version of Python which is 3.7 As of this year, according to a survey conducted by JetBrains, Python 3 has 84% adoption while Python 2 has 16%.

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