PyCon 2019 | Design Patterns in Python for the Untrained Eye

Speaker: Ariel Ortiz


Design patterns are prepackaged solutions to common software design problems. We get two important benefits when using them. Firstly, we get a way to solve typical software development issues by using a proven solution. Secondly, we get a shared vocabulary that allows us to communicate more effectively with other software designers. Getting acquainted with design patterns is the next step to become a better object oriented programmer.

In this tutorial we’ll answer some of the most important questions surrounding design patterns: What are they? How can we use them in our programs? When should we avoid them? We’ll also have the opportunity to explore and play with the Python implementations of some of the classical design patterns made famous by the Gang of Four (Gamma, Helm, Johnson & Vlissides) while learning relevant design principles at the same time. Don’t forget to bring your own laptop with your preferred Python 3 development environment.


Slides can be found at: and

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