Postman is a REST Client/Tool that can be used to perform request to endpoints.



  • Ubuntu 18.04


Installation via snap

01. Run the follow snap command

$ sudo snap install postman

02. Then run Postman via command line or the application launcher

Via Command Line

$ postman

Via Launcher


03. Congratulations! You’ve installed Postman.


Installation via download

01. Download the installer at the Postman official website.


02. Download the installer into the local machine.


03. Open a terminal window, change directory to the downloaded file. Execute the following.


$ cd {{download folder}}

$ tar xvzf Postman-{{platform-architecture-version}}.tar.gz -C {{destination-directory}}


$ cd ~/Downloads

$ tar xvzf Postman-linux-x64-7.6.0.tar.gz -C ~/dev/


04. Navigate to the extracted destination directory and run the following to run Postman.


$ cd {{destination-directory}}/Postman

$ bin/webstorm.sh


$ cd ~/dev/Postman

$ Postman

05. Congratulations! You’ve installed Postman.


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