5G will be the transformative technology that will make the digital ecosystem of 2020 a whole new world for all of us. That seems like a big claim. –how exactly is 5G going to accomplish this?

Better Connectivity

For starters, a 5G network finally existing will take our connectivity to never before seen heights. A city with a full developed 5G  system integrated with the existing 4G system is expected to deliver mobile data 10 times more efficiently in terms of cost. 5G is also leagues above 4G when it comes to download speeds and latency.

Smarter Cities

Now with a powerful network to back it up, the Internet of Things (IoT) — heavily reliant on reliable connection — will have a perfect environment to flourish. With this, there is an expected surge in the number of active smart devices, making our cities smarter than ever.

Smarter Transportation

One way cities will be smarter is when in comes to transportation. Using data from sensors all over the city, commuting and travel in general can be optimized. The routes can be analyzed to advise drivers the best routes to take. At the same time, they can also be warned about traffic hotspots and accident areas.

Traffic lights can also be configured to work using real-time traffic data as the basis on when to switch the lights. This will make traffic management better especially during peak hours.

Smarter Energy

Still powered by sensors, electricity powered objects can change in behavior in response to the environment so that energy can be conserved.

An example would be street lamps which dim or completely switch off depending on the presence of pedestrians near them. Buildings and homes can also be equipped with the tools to monitor their energy spending and adjust accordingly. After all, saving energy is our shared responsibility.

Improved Network Access

Areas with poor network access will benefit from 5G’s lower cost and higher reliability. It will be easier to distribute internet access in these locations once 5G is fully developed.

Smarter Businesses

5G powered technologies can potentially help improve productivity of employees. It is also expected to reduce cost and enhance the overall customer experience. The network speed and reliability 5G can offer will definitely help businesses stay on track.

Just the beginning

The ways 5G can be integrated in our digital world are practically endless. Given this, we expect more innovations — some of which are not even in existence right now to — rely on 5G. It is definitely just the beginning of the new world that 5G is going to open for us.

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