Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, announced today that it created a human resources development program focused on digital transformation for Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

As digital transformation is increasingly attracting attention, noted in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s 2018 report, DX Report: Overcoming of ‘2025 Digital Cliff’ Involving IT Systems and Full-fledged Development of Efforts for DX, training programs that cultivate skills and knowledge focused on digital transformation efforts are needed. These skills can help develop associates in charge of corporate digital transformation-related projects and raise the general level of expertise in a company.

“Red Hat supports customers who desire to build industry-leading new services or accelerate the speed of business, through transformation of corporate culture, processes and technology. It is our great pleasure to be able to help NRI develop its personnel’s digital transformation skillset. We look forward to seeing NRI’s business further accelerate based on the expertise cultivated in this program.”

Mochizuki Hirokazu, president and representative director, Red Hat Japan

For instance, it is necessary to integrate operations across three elements – business, development and operations – more cross-functional, flexible perspectives and thought processes are needed. Agile development methodology or DevOps, which can help drive digital transformation, differ from conventional waterfall development methodology in which respective processes are vertically divided. Therefore, for the development of its personnel, multiple and practical training programs based on the concept of agile were needed.

NRI needed education programs to train engineers who can respond to changing customer demands against the background of growing customer digital transformation requirements. Red Hat built a comprehensive training program combining classroom lectures to learn basic skills and a hands-on workshop. In the first phase of DX Ground School, a five-day course implemented in Sept. 2019, product owners and agile developers learned about a variety of topics, including continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). CI/CD is necessary for agile development methodology and implementing DevOps, API and microservices, as well as building architecture of applications and test strategies. DX Practice, the second phase, is a two-week course starting with a workshop on product design, in which participants develop a system of microservice architecture with agile methodology, and experience DevOps based on Red Hat OpenShift.

“By collaborating with Red Hat, we were able to develop a systematic and practical training program which lead to a company-wide digital transformation human resources development program. We will develop personnel for the digital transformation age, focusing on changing the company culture as a source of digital transformation.”

Shigekazu Ohmoto, Senior Managing Director, Division Manager, DX Systems Development Innovation Div., Deputy Division Manager, Multi Cloud Integration Div., Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

Through its training programs, Red Hat enables comprehensive support for customers looking to cultivate skill sets across its workforce, as well as change the corporate culture. The training program rollout is planned for NRI associates in charge of IT and development in the future.

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