SaltStack®, the creators of intelligent automation software for security operations teams, today announced it won four 2020 Cyber Defense InfoSec Awards in the categories of “Cutting Edge InfoSec Startup of the Year,” “Next Gen Compliance,” “Best Product for Patch and Configuration Management,” and “Most Innovative Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation, and Management.”

SaltStack also took home the 2020 SC Award from SC Magazine for Best Risk / Policy Management Solution at RSA Conference 2020. SaltStack Comply was also named a Silver Winner in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Remediation.

“SaltStack is among the most innovative and proactive cyber security companies on the planet working to bring tomorrow’s cybersecurity solutions to market, today,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

SaltStack was recognized by the Cyber Defense InfoSec Awards for its ability to provide innovative and intelligent automation for infrastructure compliance and vulnerability remediation through the SaltStack SecOps family of products. SaltStack Comply and SaltStack Protect are the first enterprise IT security solutions to deliver these capabilities for production infrastructure at scale from a single orchestration and automation platform.

SaltStack SecOps products help security and IT operations teams solve the biggest challenges in IT today through collaboration and automation.

“Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards are a testament to the innovation and disruption SaltStack is bringing to the IT operations and cybersecurity markets,” said Marc Chenn, SaltStack CEO. “Our ability to help teams collaborate better and automate more of the work of compliance enforcement, patch management, and vulnerability remediation is a game changer for businesses that rely on secure digital infrastructure.”

SaltStack SecOps scans an organization’s infrastructure in real-time to determine non-compliance with policies including CIS Benchmarks, and then automates remediation of any discovered vulnerability or misconfiguration. It leverages SaltStack intelligent, event-driven automation to manage and secure any data center infrastructure including public and private cloud infrastructure, network devices, any operating system, Kubernetes or Docker container environments, and more. SaltStack automation makes self-healing, continuously compliant infrastructure possible.

SaltStack Comply provides continuous compliance for SaltStack customers, offering access to a live and growing repository of industry-validated compliance profiles. Each profile includes hundreds of up-to-date policy definitions, scans, and automated remediation actions leveraging SaltStack configuration management and infrastructure automation capabilities.

SaltSack Protect delivers active, fully automated vulnerability remediation for IT security teams. SaltStack Protect actively ingests CVEs then scans and executes remediation workflows to fix any discovered issues and vulnerabilities. SaltStack customers receive vulnerability content as a service so security operations teams can easily use SaltStack configuration automation to check installed package versions on all systems, identify vulnerabilities, and install patches to remediate. SaltStack Protect also integrates with leading vulnerability scanners like to deliver closed-loop vulnerability remediation.

Access a free, hosted tutorial of SaltStack Comply and try it for yourself. Or schedule a demo of SaltStack SecOps products today.

This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s eighth year of honoring infosec innovators. Learn more at

About SaltStack
SaltStack® intelligent IT automation software is used to help the largest businesses in the world manage and secure their digital infrastructure. Known for its powerful event-driven infrastructure automation engine, SaltStack is designed to control, optimize, and secure the inherent complexity of Web-scale while providing efficient, collaborative solutions for ITOps, SecOps, NetOps, and DevOps teams.

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