In recent months it has become clearly evident, just how crucial it is for IT processes to function well and reliably communicate with patients. Now key healthcare projects have entrusted Retarus with contributing to the success of their vaccination efforts with its Transactional Email Services and Enterprise SMS Services.

Following promising advances in the development of coronavirus vaccines, healthcare services are now turning their attention to practical issues. How can large-scale COVID vaccination across the German population be ensured within a short time frame?


Coordination of the vaccination campaign: Communication to flow via Retarus Transactional Email

Behind the scenes, IT projects to organize vaccination efforts are already underway at healthcare providers. Retarus’ services are set to play a crucial role at the heart of these campaigns. To coordinate the vaccination appointments, it will be necessary to reliably send a huge number of automated messages throughout the country to those in line for the vaccination. A service that is qualified for this critical task must be able to handle peak loads with very high transmission volumes, while also ensuring that the emails are always reliably placed in their recipients’ inboxes. It is essential, for instance, that these critical messages do not get stranded in spam filters along the way – a hurdle that should not be underestimated for the high-volume, automated transmission of email straight from business applications.

Retarus Transactional Email - Monitoring


Maximum reliability, highest levels of data protection

Retarus Transactional Email meets this challenge with its wide-ranging Reputation Management and CSA certification, ensuring that even huge amounts of transactional emails end up exactly where they should, with all transmission in accordance with the highest standards for data protection.

“I am really proud that we are able to a play a key part in these IT projects, perhaps the most relevant for the whole of Germany, with our technology, our services, and especially the know-how of my employees” says Martin Hager, founder and CEO of Retarus. “Reliable communication between systems and people is a crucial factor in these kinds of projects and plays a decisive role in their success or failure.”

The emails for coordinating vaccination activities will be sent exclusively via Retarus’ own, local data centers in accordance with the stringent data protection provisions of Europe’s GDPR legislation,” adds Sören Schulte, Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Secure Email Platform at Retarus. “The country-wide project to coordinate vaccination efforts consciously opted for Retarus as a service provider based in Germany.”

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