I’ve read dozen of articles on how to become a better developer in the past year. So, to share what I’ve learned, here are 7 ways to become a better developer:


1. Code every day for as much as you can.

This is important especially when you’re first starting. You can code for as little as 15 minutes. Also, it’s a lot better to learn for one hour every day than for 7 hours in one day once a week. Try to code a little bit every day.


2. Practice makes perfect.

This goes back to Point #1, but practice makes perfect! The only difference between you and the developers that are better than you is that they practiced more.

But it’s also very important how you practice, which leads us to Point #3…


3. Active learning >> passive learning.

What does this mean? It’s a lot better to learn with active learning, which means building projects and playing around with the concepts you learned. Passive learning is when you just watching the tutorial, which is not as effective.

So start building something as fast as you can.


4. Google it.

Use Google as much as you can. Every time you don’t remember something or can’t solve a problem using Google. Googling is one of the most important skills of a developer. Use it as a tool to get your job done faster.


5. Find what resources work the best for you.

Some people learn the best from video courses. Others from books. And others just from building something. Make sure you take some time to find which one works the best for you.


6. Avoid Tutorial Hell

What is “Tutorial Hell”? It’s that thing when you go from one tutorial to another without building something. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself because you feel that you’re learning something but, in reality, you are not. Remember, active learning over passive learning!


7. Avoid distractions when learning how to code

If you want to learn something new you need to be 100% focused on that. If you check your phone every 5 minutes you’ll get nowhere. Remember that 1 hour of focused work is a lot better than 3 hours of distracted work.

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