On November 30th, 2021, Google submitted Knative to be considered as an incubating project, which began the process for handing over the project to be managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Today we are pleased to acknowledge the completion of this process, allowing the next phase of community-driven innovation in Knative to begin.

In 2018, the Knative project was founded and released by Google and subsequently developed in close partnership with IBM, Red Hat, VMware, and SAP. Over the last three years, Knative has become the most widely-installed serverless layer on Kubernetes. We built Knative to provide the essential components you need to build, deploy and manage modern serverless workloads anywhere you choose, and open sourcing this technology provided the industry with an open Serverless platform to help drive innovation.

Google remains one of the top contributors over the lifetime of the project to date, helping Knative to deliver on its key objectives of portability and ease of use. Moving forward, we plan to continue to fund the project with credits towards Knative infrastructure to support the project’s growth in its new home. We worked with other major contributors to set up a governance structure and conformance certification process geared to provide longevity for Knative.

Acceptance into the CNCF marks a milestone for Knative. Google endeavors to continue supporting the project with a diverse set of maintainers as members of the Knative community, and to  offer compatible services to customers. At Google, we build managed services based on open source technologies directly into Google Cloud so developers don’t have to be experts, and can seamlessly port and deploy their applications to the cloud when ready.

We believe that using open source comes with a responsibility to contribute, sustain, and improve open source, which we are committed to doing through our work with partners, foundations, and maintaining and growing critical cloud native projects on behalf of our customers and the community at large. This is a significant milestone for the project and we are excited to see what’s next. Be sure to keep up to date with everything Google is doing to support Knative and drive serverless innovation. We plan to host Knative Day at KubeCon EU, and offer access to learning from the top Google minds in Open Source through our Innovators program, to help our customers grow, innovate and keep building.



By: Alexandra Bush (Head of Google Cloud Open Source Marketing and Community)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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