Google Cloud Next 2019 | Retail Sessions

Google Cloud Next 2019 | Serverless In Real Life: A Case Study In The Travel Industry

Serverless is awesome. Advantages like speed, simplicity and scalability aren’t that surprising anymore. But how difficult or easy is serverless development? This session is a show and tell of a real life case study of the Travel Industry. We’ll dive into the architecture of an application that supports the daily dynamics and workflow of a large travel agency. We’ll also show how going serverless helps sustain the company’s rigorous growth in numbers while keeping the growth in staff at a minimum. We’ll include code samples from the solution that uses technologies from Google including Firebase, Cloud Storage, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, Compute Engine and Cloud Dataflow.

Speaker(s): Stefan Hogendoorn, James Daniels

Session ID: SVR107

Citi I/O



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