Google Cloud released the results of a commissioned New Technology Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting, which concludes that large enterprises can save a range of up to $42.8 million over three years through the implementation of Anthos.

Anthos is a hybrid and multi-cloud solution that enables customers to modernize existing applications, build new ones and run them anywhere. Built on open source technology, it helps to accelerate and empower developers, security professionals and platform and operations engineers alike — enhancing employee and customer experiences, saving bottom-line costs and increasing top-line revenue.

Forrester conducted in-depth interviews with several Anthos customers across industries including finance, security, IT and retail about their projected results. The insights from these interviews were used to develop a composite organization to quantify the benefits, costs, and risks associated with an investment in Anthos.

Over a three year period, Forrester’s analysis found that the composite organization experienced the following benefits:

  • Faster application development, testing, and deployment saved $5.3 million to $9.9 million by improving development productivity.
  • Consistent, unified security policy creation and governance saved $5.3 million to $9.7 million through increased productivity and reduction in labor costs.
  • Streamlined and automated platform operations boosted efficiency by $1.8 million to $4.2 million through increased operational productivity and reduced labor costs.
  • Accelerated development velocity and improved app dependability enhanced customer experience, increasing customer advocacy and retention for a lift in sales profits of $3 million to $19 millions.

Customers interviewed for the study also expected to:

  • Reduce infrastructure costs. Anthos can help customers design applications to use underlying hardware and cloud infrastructure more efficiently by optimizing container performance and resource utilization.
  • Enhance employee experience. Anthos provides a consistent experience across environments, can help eliminate redundant work and can improve workload predictability and control – helping customers to better attract, hire, and retain employees.
  • Strengthen security. Some customers found that Anthos reduces risk of vulnerabilities by helping to address them quicker by delivering application security by design, instead of piecemeal in different platforms.
  • Avoid costs for developing a platform of alternative tools. Sourcing, integrating and deploying multiple open source tools and services like Kubernetes, Istio and Knative takes time and resources. Anthos packages and delivers these technologies, ready for use, across the environments with service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Avoid vendor lock-in. Since Anthos is built using leading open source components, customers can architect applications in Anthos with a lower barrier to adoption of future tech.

To learn more about the Total Economic Impact™ of Google Cloud’s Anthos, download the full study here. For Anthos inquiries, please contact the Google Cloud team, here.


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