Bootstrap your Startup with our technical guided series

At Google Cloud, we want to provide you with the access to all the tools you need to grow your business. Through the Google Cloud Technical Guides for Startups, leverage industry leading solutions with how-to video guides and resource handbooks curated for startups.

This multi-series contains 3 chapters: Start, Build and Grow, which matches your startup’s stage of growth:

  • The Start Series: Begin by building, deploying and managing new applications on Google Cloud from start to finish.
  • The Build Series: Optimize and scale existing deployments to reach your target audiences.
  • The Grow Series: Grow and attain scale with deployments on Google Cloud.

Kick off with The Start Series


The Start Series is designed to help your startup begin building, deploying and managing new applications on Google Cloud from start to finish. The series contains 12 videos and is dedicated to those who are starting out their cloud journey with Google Cloud. From setting up your project, to choosing the right compute option, to configuring your networking to managing your databases, and understanding support and billing – the Start Series guides you at every step of the journey.

Check out our website and our Google Cloud Technical Guides for Startups full playlist.

Coming up next – The Build Series

Launch into the next part of the journey continuing from the Start Series, with the upcoming Build Series, where we will be focusing on the optimization and scaling of existing deployments to help your startups reach your target audiences.

Join us by checking out the video series on the Google Cloud Tech channel, and subscribe to stay up to date.

See you in the cloud!



By: Jolene Teo (Customer Engineer) and Valeriya Shin (Customer Engineer)
Source: Google Cloud Blog

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