We are always looking for ways to make learning Android development accessible for all. In 2020, we announced the launch of Android Basics in Kotlin, a free self-paced programming course. Since then, over 100,000 beginners have completed their first milestone in the course.

Android Basics in Kotlin teaches people with no programming experience how to build simple Android apps. Along the way, students learn the fundamentals of programming and the basics of the Kotlin programming language. Today, we’re excited to share that the final unit has been released, and the full Android Basics in Kotlin course is now available.

This course is organized into units, where each unit is made up of a series of pathways. At the end of each pathway, there is a quiz to assess what you’ve learned so far. If you complete the quiz, you earn a badge that can be saved to your Google Developer Profile.

The course is free for anyone to take. Basic computer literacy and basic math skills are recommended prerequisites, along with access to a computer that can run Android Studio. If you’ve never built an app before but want to learn how, check out the Android Basics in Kotlin course.



By Murat Yener, Developer Advocate
Source Android

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